Friday, October 24, 2014 over the brim week...

As par for the Woolie course it has been a full week.  A chance to spend time with family...especially those grandsons.  What can I with all Nana's I think mine are the cream of the crop, lol.  My sister flew into Portland where we had a great birthday weekend together.  We were both born in October which makes it a priority to get away together :).  

We jumped on the Max and met the grand kids at the Zoo.  It always amazes me that even though I see both these guys every month they change dramatically in that short time!

Sis and I went to the Living Room Theater to see The Skeleton Twins.  It was funny, disturbing and hooked that part of me that likes all things to do with the psyche...our human existence is a challenge, how we grew up, our experiences and the day to day choices we make.  I would give it a Woolie 3.5.

On Wednesday HH and I met up with some neighbors from Sisters for a dinner out in Portland.  This 5 star restaurant has always been on our radar and finally with the interest/encouragement of our foodie and wine neighbors we took the plunge.  It was an experience!  I got really brave and ordered a multi course (small courses) meal that was totally chosen by the chef with a wine appropriate pairing.  The only restriction I gave him was my food allergy.  What a fun evening!  Between the food and the company I have never sat through a meal that lasted 3 hours!

Portland has been a combination of sun, sprinkles and downpours....and so, this photo of a window washer doing his job during a full day of rain...priceless! LOL

Least you think I haven't been stitching...I have been!  I finished stitching a wool table topper and already started another one :) no slacking by the Woolie!  How about you????

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday!

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Woolie Day

With the busy summer I have been missing my quilt groups!  But Fall is here and with that the scent of quilting is in the air I had to get back into the local quilt scene.

I love this photo because I am in it! LOL

But, I had to show you the cute little stitchery that Blogless Sandy gave me for my birthday!  So sweet and perfect for my front entry table!

One of my first Fall projects to get done was the Autumn project by Buttermilk Basin.  I decided to make mine into a pillow for my church pew.

Here is a close up...I love it and it was on the bench by the first day of Fall!!!

A short slide show of what the Woolies are currently up too...there is nothing like being home and stitching with my girlfriends!
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Gallery Show ~ Quilt Works

I was so excited when I got home and the Halloween quilt I left with Hal was ready for pick up!  I needed it quilted while I was camping so that when I got back all I had to do was put the binding on and take it with me to Portland.  Hal, whose business is called The Finishing Touch in Sisters, Oregon is available to quilt your quilts.  So if you need any long arm quilting done he can be reached at (541) 588-0873

When I picked up the quilt is was hung a nice hanger with a plastic cover...just like the dry cleaners!

The quilting was perfect for the quilt and I know my grandson's  love it!  I cut up a stack of Halloween panels and sewed them back together :)

Here is a back view of the quilting!

This is an amazing slide show from QuiltWorks October Gallery Show.  Cathy Moen who is a Juniperberry quilter and the Undercover Quilters quilts were sensational.  Cathy is one of those quilters who has learned every technique and quilt art form and actually created quilts!  Enjoy the slide show!
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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What I learned on Our Camping Trip

1.  Towing your own Port A Potty is the only way to go!

2.  you have to like your travel companions because you are together 24/7+

3.  Hand stitching and a book on CD are a necessity

4.  Favorite food items should be packed

5.  Stopping at Quilt Shops is a wonderful diversion.

6.  Meeting new friends is great!

7.  Seeing old friends is heartwarming.

8.  Best of all,  coming home to your own sweet neighborhood :)

Monday, October 20, 2014

Twilene's Place

Check out Jody Houghton for her wonderful fabrics

One of the challenges of life is "change."  Life is ever in flux, marriage, babies born, children grow up...move, jobs takes us here and there, family structure changes with growth, divorce, death...and, at the bottom of the list is our friendships.  We cherish them, we need them but they also change as our lives change.  As much as some condemn social media...the fact is that it allows there to be a thread of connection in all this change.  

Which brings me to Twilene.  A LONG time resident of Central Oregon, raised her kids on a farm off Knott Road, girl scout leader extraordinaire, scrapbooker and quilter...then, when the kids grew up she and her DH moved into town and we became neighbors.  We loved our little Cul de Sac...but, with time change came...the neighborhood changed and life marched on...neighbors moved to different neighborhoods.  But, I always have fond memories of the kids running around the  cul de sac...BBQ's in the street and families connected.  It was a special time.  

We stayed in sporadic touch over the years and it totally cracked us up that her moving to another state brought us together again! LOL  She had just moved to Idaho so HH and I decided to make a stop during our camping adventure to visit the new house and of course Twi and I had to visit the local quilt shop, The Quilt Crossing!  Enjoy the slide show of her home...she would want me to say that it is totally in flux as she has only been then less than a month.  But,  as you can see her house is already homey!
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Friday, October 17, 2014

TGIF & Country Lane Quilts Burns, Oregon

Back to a little bit of rhythm...I have a Friday book and movie review...and, in fact I have seen 2 movies this week!  First I cannot say enough about Big Little is not a deep, tragic, soul changing book but it is engaging, funny, sad and appeals to that little part of us all that wants to know what our neighbors are up too and gossip...oh the gossip.  It is centered around a school community, parents and a murder but you don't know whose murder...but, all the parents are being interviewed by the police.  I did listen to this book and was glad I did because it takes place in a beach community in Australia and the reader has the accent.  I enjoyed the author's writing so much that I am going to put The Husband's Secret on my library list :)

As for movies...well they are entirely different from each other.  Bad Words, more of an indie film...had language that was in the toilet. But, if you could get past that there was a really interesting story...and, I always enjoy Jason Bateman.  Woolie 2.5 stars for language.

Draft Day was a perfect movie for this time of year.  Neither HH or I are big football fans...we know who is doing well and who is hitting the skids...but, we aren't tuned in on Monday Nights and usually pick up football news by our oldest sons elation's or rants on Facebook, LOL.  With that said,  I really didn't have a clue what was going on in this movie and was fascinated by the intensity of the process of draft day.  I did enjoy the movie but I think I would have enjoyed it more had I been a "in the know" football fan.  What can I say...OPB you rock, LOL.  Woolie 2 stars...the rest of the football watching world...5 stars

Well we have reached the final slide show for our camping trip...

It was a pleasure to wrap up our trip with a stop at a shop in Burns, Oregon.  As you travel east of Bend you get a sense of culture change.  Life's dramas are entirely different and you enter the land of people whose day may start at 0300 with farm and ranch chores.  There are no orders of "2 shots, vanilla, latte with foam" please.  People here know who their neighbors are.  And, the local quilt shop is more than a quilt shop.  People stop by just to chat...and the evening before there was a lively game of Bunko.  Country Lane is packed with fabric and serves a wide community.  They have the largest Western and Flannel fabric selection.  I especially loved the new flannels that look like Pendleton Wool blankets!  They offer long arm quilting services and are a Janome dealer.  It is a 2 woman operation and they are busy with this large shop!  If you see anything on the slide show you want...just give them a call and they'll send it to you.  They are opened Monday thru Saturday and would love a visit!

 Enjoy the slide show!  Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!

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Thursday, October 16, 2014

The Quilt Crossing Boise, Idaho

It happened last night!!! our mountains got their first dusting of much as I am not ready for snow there is something so beautiful about seeing it on the mountains!

The best part of our trip home was stopping in Meridian, Idaho to visit our friend Twilene...the second best part was going quilt shopping with Twilene! LOL  The Quilt Crossing was a phenomenal shop!  As I understand they had moved to this large area...and now the shop encompassed 4 huge rooms...a class room, a sewing machine sales area, the main shop and the Quilting Studio!  They offer a wide variety of class and have several BOM going!

The real treat for me was meeting Cheryl Gunn of Waltzing With Bears!  See the Wool Garden quilt hanging behind us?  It was my very first wool project and set me on a path of addiction to wool!

The other great thing about The Quilt Crossing was the bathroom.  Click on the photo to enlarge!  Instead of a got a nice message :)

This is another 2-3 cuppa coffee slide show...or you could wait till Happy Hour when you might want to get your credit card out, lol...Enjoy!

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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Gathering Place Rupert, Idaho

The Gathering Place is one of those mirages in the middle of a desert...between Provo Utah and Twin Falls Idaho is sits waiting for quilters to pull off Interstate 84 in the town of Rupert.  Located in the town square in the largest city in Minidoka County with a population of around 6,000.  It is part of the Snake River Plain known as the Magic Valley...what a perfect place for a quilt store!  It was about a 40 min. drive from Twin Falls...I know, I made it twice, lol.  This shop has the most completed quilt samples hanging that I had seen thus far!  A stunning amount of fabric in every genre you could want!  They also had a stitchery section...and want kits...there was a whole wall!!

The big disappointment was that I had an opportunity to sign up for a wool class with Kim Diehl...there was an opening but I didn't have any supplies with sewing machine, rotary cutter, cutting time I go camping I am packing for a quilt emergency. The next day,  I was offered the use of everything through the kindness of quilters but by then I had already made plans down the road to play with Twilene in Meridian.

Anyhoo...I did buy the kit for the class :)  and am going to make it! And I found this awesome magazine.  That is the one thing about shop hopping...there are books, patterns and fabrics I have never seen!

Since arriving home I have been stitching away but today I am taking a break to relive my visit to the Gathering Place.  This is one of those 2-3 cups of coffee slide get started and relax!  If you see anything on the slide show check with 

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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Quilted Works St. George

When I saw the sign for one of the quilt shops in St. George I got a little nostalgic...after all QuiltWorks is where the Woolies meet in Bend. I am happy today to be heading to Woolies at QuiltWorks!   But, Quilted Works is in a little strip mall not far from where we had our camper.  St. George seems to have a thriving quilt community to support the 3 shops that call it home.  The town most likely functions like we do...changing acivities with the seasons.  Whereas, in Central Oregon most of the quilting occurs in the winter when the temperature St. George everyone is staying inside in the summer because of the 100+ degree heat :)

The "hook" at this shop is their many kits using laser cut pieces.  In many of their applique kits the pieces are already cut and the adhesive is already on the back side of the pieces.  The other exciting item is they have organized a Quilting Cruise!  And there is still time and space for anyone interested.  Just click on this link The Quilted Works and give them a call!

They already have a great crowd of quilters signed up to go!

I picked up a magazine and pattern.  I thought of my friend Cakers when I saw this pattern...2 1/2 inch strips and you have a quilt!

Enjoy the slideshow...if you see anything you can contact them at Quilted Works
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Monday, October 13, 2014

ThE WiNnEr Is...And A Thank You!

Believe it or not I still have Quilt Shop Slide Shows to share but today we take a break to announce the winner of the little Home Sweet Home pattern and share a short travel video!  As we pulled into Sisters Country I was overwhelmed by the blessings I received during these travels.   The wonderful people we met in RV parks, the diversity of quilt shops, the kindness of those who work in them, the beauty and grandness of our country,  all of you for taking the time to read my travel rambles...but most of all for HH for taking us safely through our travels and bringing us home to our favorite place!  And so this video is for you HH :)

And now...the winner with the help of the dog dish and Mr. Random Generator of the Home Sweet Home by My Red Door Designs is....Jacqueline, who said..."Well Happy Birthday month to you.  Celebrate for a long and as much as you can!"

Not to bore you with travel a choice can be made here to not watch, lol...I did not include them all but picked out my favorites.  With all that is going on in the world it is nice to have a moment to be thankful for our lives, our jobs, our "difficulties", our country, our religions and our politics...because their challenges pale in comparison to the challenges that are going on around the world.  

Our travels took us to 6 RV/Camp park, 5 Canyons, 2 Falls, 11 Quilt Shops and 1 Quilt Show...Amazing...Have a great Monday and see you tomorrow for another incredible quilt shop slide show.

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