Friday, July 31, 2015

Last Day of July + a Winner

I hope you have a wonderful weekend...the first in August...can you believe it!  I know I will because we met my DIL half way at Detroit Lake and got to bring our oldest grandson home with us.  The little guys is staying home this trip...cause it is all about the big brother.  He has finally gotten taller than me!!! and is heading into the 8th grade.  Time really is flying!  It is funny how he is getting older and I am staying the same, LOL.

It was so hot yesterday that we walked down to the frozen yogurt place.  Lo and behold there was a sponsor quilt hanging in their!  Sweet!!!  Byron looked up and said, "What's with all the squares? LOL

Last night the 3 of us went to see Ant Man because it was the only movie that I thought 2 grandparents and a 13 year old could see together.  Boy was I ever surprised.  It just sounds stupid...but the entire movie was entertaining...and at times the whole theater burst out laughing.  As surprised as I am to say this...I recommend this movie as an entertaining summer movie! When we left the theater and entered our car the temp said 120 degrees sitting in the parking lot...WOW...but it settled down to a nice 103 by the time we got home...which meant it was pool time!!!  Perfect way to wrap up the day!

Have a wonderful weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday where I will have another Give Away...yes, we are going to have one for every week in August!!!   But first, the winner of the Bend wall hanging is....Marie!!!  Send me your address and I'll drop it in the mail :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Thoughts & Last Day for the Give Away

It is warming back up around here...about 90 yesterday...and there are prediction of an even higher temperature.  We are heading up to Detroit Lake to meet our DIL so we can bring our oldest grandson to this side of the mountain.  I think it is County Fair weather, LOL.   The biggest challenge on this side of the mountain is growing anything that the deer don't like, LOL...I am not sure what kind of flowers these are but so far they have been off the buffet line!  I need to find out what they are so I can't plant more!!!

I had an emotionally challenging day...nothing horrible in the scheme of life...but, just enough to keep you a little off balance and little bit tired.  When I got home there was the sweetest note included with an even sweeter mug rug from a friend and California blog reader.  The stress of the day just melted away.  HH fixed me a cool one and it tasted even better resting on my little quilt!!!  Thank you so much Chris!  I LOVE it!!!!  I showed it to my birdie that visit every evening, LOL.

I finished another UFO...Be The Good.  I thought I was all done until I took this photo.  Now I am not happy with the border and feel like I need to so some hand quilting so it won't look so wrinkled, drats!!!  

Don't forget today is the last day to sign up for the Give Away!!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

SnowMan Day

This quote really struck me today.  I think you can't make the most out of everyday unless you are accepting of the present place you are.  
Join me in being Happy :)

It was so wonderful being with the Woolies had been too long!!!  It seemed that Snowman was the motif of the there were several quilters stitching away on them, LOL...dreaming of winter??? NO WAY!  We still have a slice of summer left and then there is favorite season.  

Nancy is thinking of Halloween!

Lori is just about done with her wool creation and it is adorable!

Marilyn's life's work is to finish her Sue Spargo circles

Anne was working on her latest row project and I loved the raccoon!

Lori brought some show 'n tell...I still need to make this pillow...
it's on my project list. are more snow men...

...and the more there are the cuter they become!

...A whole bunch of snowmen from a BunnyHill quilt!

 I noticed that most of the group pinned their snowmen...
me, I fuse mine down before stitching!

Mary brought us back out of the snow with her wonderful 
2013 BOW from Primitive Gathering

Hope today includes a little shocked me to hear that Anne hadn't picked up a needle or thread in over a month!!!  I think I would need medication if that happened to me!!!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Winner! Plus Karla Alexander

Mr.Random Generator aka Dog Dish coughed up a winner for the fabulous wool kit by Primitive Gatherings and sponsored by Sew Many Quilts it is....Rebbeca in AK!!! email your mailing info with 24 hrs!  I have decided that since I don't want summer to end I am going to continue the Give Aways!!! Party, Party, Party...if you are interested in this wonderful designed wall hanging sponsored by QuiltWorks commemorating the fabulous town of Bend and it's infusion of micro-breweries just leave a comment on this blog post! The Bend logo is laser cut and already has fusible on the easy :) (wouldn't this be a fabulous gift for the man in your life!) The winner will be announced on Friday and a new Give Away will be announced!

I wanted to share the post card I bought at the Wendy's Wish Upon a Card which is a heartwarming fund raiser in memory of a "generous of spirit" quilter.  Well, actually I bought 3 post cards as I do my birthday shopping at the auction and so 2 of them are a surprise.  So I won't be able to show them to you :(  But the one I bought for HH was absolutely perfect for him!  Karla Alexander created this card and everyone who viewed it wondered what it was???

In minute detail she recreated the topographical map of Sisters!!!  Since HH is a retired Cartographer I knew I had to get it for him.  It was beautifully framed by High Desert Frameworks.  Hundreds of people viewed this card with all manner of interpretation of what it represented...a turtle??? hummm, what is that?  I hung it up and when HH came home he walked right up to it and said..."Hey, that's a topographical map of Sisters!"  I knew I had picked the perfect card out for him :)

I decided it was high time I started my Designer Mystery Quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop since 2 blocks had already arrived!  They are so generous with the fabrics provided so if you make a mistake you have enough fabric to fix it.  Let me tell you though...Block One took me 3 hours to create...12.5 x 12.5...yep, I am going to have to keep up on this one!

Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday...I am heading to QuiltWorks for the Woolie group and to check out the new inventory!

Monday, July 27, 2015

Sliding into August...& Last Day of the Giveaway!!!

I am grieving that we are already sliding into August!!!  And the last few days have had a Fall feel to them.  I am not ready for summer to be over and plan on dragging and kicking my way through August.  There is just too much fun to be had before school starts!  

How was your weekend?  Here is Central Oregon there was the Cascade Cycling Classic, Arts & Craft fair, The Tour of much to check out.  Last night we had a wonderful neighborhood gathering across the street and we were all struck with the blessing of what a wonderful little neighborhood and town we live in...the wide variety of individuals who live here...and guess what, they aren't all quilters LOL (But I keep trying to make converts)

I finished my mother's commemorative quilt.  It was created from a pattern by Lisa Bongean of Primitive Gatherings called Anchor Mini.  It is about 24 inches square with a couple hundred 3/4 inch squares and 1/2 square triangles.  Plus a nice piece of grey wool for the anchor.  As I have said before, mom was a sailor and Commodore of a Yacht Club on the Monterey Bay. 3 years ago at 81 years old she passed away while in a sailboat this quilt was a perfect memory quilt.

The State of California had given her a gold pin with 4 Rubies to honor the 40 years she was a active instead of just keeping it in a drawer I decided to pin it on the quilt!  She was the anchor for our entire family and we hope to live full and adventuresome lives in her memory!

Today is the last day to sign up for the Give Away sponsered by Sew Many on the link, leave a comment that you are interested and be sure you are a follower of the Woolie Blog by clicking on the "Join This Site" above all the smiling faces of other Woolie followers.  If you are a "no reply" follower you will have to check on the blog yourself as I will have no way to contact you.  You will have 24 hours to contact you must check tomorrow at 8 am for the posted winner...countdown for contact starts then :)  Best Wishes!  Then we will have another Give Away...yes, it is a summer party of Give Aways!

Friday, July 24, 2015

TULA, TGIF & The Give Away

It seems some weeks are packed to the brim with all manner of activity and emotions.  I wonder what makes some weeks more emotional than others.  Sometimes I think it would be nice if there was a emotional barometric report much like the weather report, the hay fever report...or the humidity level, LOL...then you can prepare for those times.

I finished a book this was ok...somewhat predictable and there were times I was just irritated with the characters.  But, in all fairness it was an easy read and a distraction.

One of my enjoyable moments was seeing The Minions with a friend.  Nothing like a good laugh.  So tell me...are you a Kevin, Bob or a Stewart?  I think I am a little bit of all of these guys and may be why I am hooked on them!

I got a bee in my quilting bonnet and decided to work on a project in memory of my mom.  She was a force to be reckoned with...I have been thinking of her a lot lately.  She was an immigrant,  loyal American, life long learner, the longest practicing Realtor in the State of California, traveled the world, spoke 4 languages, a sailor and at the time of her passing the Commodore of a Yacht Club...yep, a force.  I love knowing some of that genetic material is rolling around in my body :)  I decided to make a quilt that will make me think of her and loved the Anchor Mini by Lisa Bongean.  Over 200 3/4 inch squares and half square triangles...I love it!

Tula Pink was the featured quilter at the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show and on Save it for Sunday the girlfriends and I were lucky enough to be able to have lunch with her!

Cakers, me, Robin, Ruth and Lori

Before lunch we participated in the Save it for Sunday Walking Tour with Tula Pink at Five Pines followed by a lecture.  If you have the chance to attend the quilt show in upcoming years you have got to sign up for the Sunday event.  It is truly special...whoever the featured quilter is...their quilts are hung amongst the trees and the featured quilter walks along the path talking and sharing tidbits about each quilt...such a lovely time.  Enjoy the slide show and don't forget about the Give Away.

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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Twisted Sisters + A Twisted Stepsister :)

I spent yesterday finishing up the top for my mini quilt with more than 200 3/4 inch blocks!!!  And then I jumped right into prepping the free Mystery BOM from Buttermilk Basin.  I am way behind on those and it was fun getting some wool projects prepped for our next Woolie gathering.

This evening I am having dinner with JoAnn's daughter.  It is hard to believe  Connor's Fairy Godmother is now our Quilt Angel.  She is the one on the left but he still has Marilyn who is on the right!  Treasure each moment with those you, on to the Twisted Sisters!

One of the blessings of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show is the people you meet.  We have so many visitors who after their first visit, come back year after year.  A Quilting Pilgrimage!!  Do you have quilting pilgrimages that you travel too???  Do tell...maybe I'll want to add one of yours to my list!, LOL 

With the many repeat visitors you are bound to make friends that you see year after year.  The Twisted Sisters are such a quilt pack.  They rent the house across the creek from us for quilt week and I look forward to their arrival!  It appears that they bring their entire sewing rooms with them and it is not a stretch for them to complete 20 projects or more in that week!!!

I have decided that I am one of their members and am the Twisted Stepsister!!!

This slide show is not intended to make you feel like a slacker...but to encourage those creative juices!!!  you will see a weeks worth of work cranked out for your enjoyment!!  Don't forget the Give Away!!! by clicking on this link and check out the guidelines :)

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Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, Part 3 + more :)

I have been plugging away a project that addresses the fact that mini quilt does not mean easy quilt!  With over 200 blocks that finish at 3/4 of an inch I definitely learned that lesson!!!  How do you make a quilt top that will finish at 24 inches square and filled with a gazillion 3/4 inch blocks lie flat???  With Flatter!!!  I discovered this product at the Stitchin' Post Quilters Affair.  It really is amazing!  You just spray your product and really does make your blocks lie flat :)

Although this is the last slide show for the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show I still have a few more up my sleeve :)  I hope you have enjoyed this journey and will continue hanging out with me.  

Don't forget to leave a comment on the Give Away that you are interested and have registered as a follower of the Woolie blog.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show, part 2 + GIVEAWAY!!!

Thank you to everyone for your kind words in the loss of our dear Quilting buddy.  I am grateful to be a part of a worldwide quilting community that supports each other.  We need more kindness in the world.

 On to the Give Away!!!  
This is an amazing Give Away sponsored 
Look at the wool provided in this kit!!!  I love this Fall kit and would love one of you to enjoy making this wonderful project, hand dyed...yummm.  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post that you are interested, be a registered follower by clicking on the button that says "Join this Site" and a week from today we will see who the dog dish coughs up.  If you are a "no reply" follower be sure to check back here on Tuesday to see if you are the winner!

I finished quilting my latest 100 Fabulous Small Quilts.  This one was so simple to piece...the hardest part was deciding which fabrics to include.  I love how it turned out and feel so good about finishing another WIP :)

I have said it before and I'll say it again...this years Sisters Quilt Show was fantastic!  I hope you enjoy Part 2...there will be more to follow tomorrow, LOL...I did not take a photo of all 1400 quilts entered but I did chose a variety to give you hopes to entice you to come and experience this wonderful event!

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show Part One & a Goodbye

It is always a shock when someone leaves this world behind...even when you have seen the decline.  Another quilt angel was born as a quilter left this earth last weekend.  JoAnn was a quilting force.  I have been quilting with her for over 20 years.  Watching her make quilts for her family...including a precious great granddaughter.  She has watched my children grow up and since there were no grandparents locally she was one of my youngest sons Fairy Godmothers.  Passionate in all that she believed in...there was no swaying her.  At Hospice House I couldn't help but try and get a response out of her by telling her the Material Girls and Woolies loved her and now that she couldn't attend I thought there might be more Democrats than Republicans.  As I leaned in close to hear what she was saying...she said...I love you guys too and that was too bad about the Republicans.  

I will miss you JoAnn.

I didn't have the heart to start a Give Away today and so will post it tomorrow.  It is a spectacular one and so I hope you will check back manana.  For today enjoy part one of the Sisters Outdoor Quilt Show.  I decided to break up the slide show into multiple segments so you would get a cramp sitting and viewing the quilts.  You can stop the slide show anytime you want to take a longer look.  See you tomorrow!
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