Friday, December 19, 2014

Friday Wrap Up & The Winner of the Day 12 Give Away

Drum Roll Please....The WINNER of the Day 12 Give Away is...Mary Alice!!!  You have until Monday to send me your mailing address!!  Congratulations!!

Enjoy the Christmas Music Video!

I have a movie review for you...This movie is about Stephen Hawking and the relationship with his first wife.  I know that he possesses an incredible mind but this movie really brought home to me the struggle for those family members who are also the caregiver.  Amazing acting...took me a while to realize the actor playing Stephen was also in Le Miserables.  Oscar worthy and a Woolie 5 star for exceptional acting.

I don't think I shared my finished mini penny rug.  I love it because I can keep it out all winter!  
This is a Buttermilk Basin pattern.

Yesterday I visited a friend/co-worker who had surgery at OHSU (Oregon Health Science University).  The way I got there was to ride the streetcar to the OHSU Tram that takes you up the side of a very big hill...over several freeways.  The view is spectacular.  Portland has many nick names, one of which is Bridge Town because of it's many bridges.  This is a shot of our latest one which will be opening soon.  No cars allowed on this bridge...just walkers, bikers, public transit and emergency vehicles...what an awesome concept!

Here is the Tram going the opposite direction :)

Afterwards we did a little Christmas shopping and checed out the Christmas tree all lit up in Pioneer Square!

...and if you look real close you can see me and HH, LOL

Have a wonderful weekend...and if Mary Alice does't contact me we'll see who the dog dish coughs up next!

Thursday, December 18, 2014

Pondering Projects...

I have been pondering what I want to work on in 2015...I have soooo many projects in various stages of development...doesn't that sound like I have everything under control....instead of saying...I have soooo many projects which are either UFO's, WIP's,...or just plain PIGs.   I haven't formulated my plan of attack but I have decided that there is at least one NEW project I am going to jump into in 2015.  In fact I have already made the first block :)!  Last month I attended the East of the Cascade Quilt Guild meeting and I fell in love with some blocks that a fellow member made.  When I asked her about the pattern she said it came out of a Quilt Mania of my favorite mags!

I showed it to Blogless Sandy and she was "all about it"!  So, we decided to support each other in making 4 blocks a month!

The photo doesn't do it justice...but a 100 1-inch blocks per block...well that is just down right dramatic!  To help those who are already is strip pieced :).  When we showed the rest of the Woolies...they decided to jump on board and it has become a group project.  Of course, some will make theirs with brights...or batiks...but me...I am sticking to my Civil War stash.  If you want to join us...please do and I will show off your quilts along with ours.  I figure it will take us about 8 pressure!

Here is my block one tester block which took me one hour to make. ( I am already ahead of blogless Sandy, hehehe)  We will officially start in January.

I can't stop with the holiday

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Just For You....& The Day 11 Give Away Winner

Today's blog post is for all of you who are feeling a little blue...Just a little help put a smile on your face...if only for this moment.  Hugs to all of you!

Ya gotta love a doggy love story! :)

The winner of Day 11 is...Christie!  Send me your mailing address and you'll be able to start this project before Christmas!  You still have time to comment on the Day 12 Give Away...winner will be announced on Friday!

 A Sweet slide show of what the Material Girls of Bend, Oregon are up too :)

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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Grand Finale!! Day 12 Give Away!!!

I recieved this Christmas video which my DIL made of my 2 grandsons!  What a hoot...I can't wait to see my 2 favorite boys!

The Florin Street Band is one of my all time favorite holiday bands.  This time of year can be a challenge emotionally for those of us who are missing family and friends who are no longer with us...and so, I like to find music videos that make me smile :)  I hope you enjoy Winter Wonder as much as I do.

Remember this project that I finished this year!  One of my favorites...the quilt was a Lisa Bongean design from Primitive Gathering and was the 2011 BOW.  The original quilt had 12 blocks but in order to fit a particular wall in our home I decreased it to a 9 block quilt.

...but for one lucky Woolie reader you will get the pattern for the full 12 block quilt!  It is a beautiful quilt and was a quilt that taught me so much about patience, beauty, peace.  The winner will be announced on Friday!  If you are interested in this pattern just leave a comment on this post that you would like to make this quilt...please, be a registered follower of the blog  and if you are registered as a "no reply" you will have till Monday to send me your address.  Otherwise we let the dog dish cough up a new winner :)  (you still have 1 day to still sign up for the Day 11 Give Away)

Have a wonderful Tuesday and take the time to hug someone today :)

Monday, December 15, 2014

Day 11 Give Away & The Winners For Day 9 & 10!!!

Hope you enjoy this lovely music video!

The winner for Day 9 is....Ellsie320 and for Day 10...nanalyn!!!  
send me your mailing addresses!

Remember when I finished this sweet little woolie quilt?  Just in time for Valentine's Day...

Well now, you have a chance to win this sweet pattern and have your Valentine's Day project stitched and ready by Feb. 14th!  Just leave a comment on this post, be a registered follower of the blog!

This weekend I woke up to our mountains displaying all their glory!

What is not to love about Sisters, Oregon :)

 I had a full weekend...much like many of you...I am sure!  Trying to fit in all the activities we literally had at least one event if not two from Wednesday on...Potlucks, parties, concert at The Belfry...a wonderful sit down brunch with assigned seating in which HH and I weren't allowed to sit together...we had to mingle!!! OMG!!!  We don't mingle, lol...but, it was truly a wonderful event  and we met new and old friends.

This past week I got together with my Sew 'n Sews and Linda who plays monthly host really had a wonderful luncheon for us.  With only 4 of us it was the respite to the schedule that I needed.  A little time to stitch, eat and exchange gifts!  

She made these wonderful pincushion for each of us!

The bottom was an old individual jello mold that she found at an antique store!  Clever huh!

Kim hand carved wooden spools and then painted cute little snowman faces :)  Mine is sitting one of my sewing room windows...makes me smile!

Marsha sewed these wonderful burlap stocking and embroidered our names on them!  It was perfect to hang in my entry way.

isn't it adorable!

I made mug rugs and picked out special coffee cups.  I made several of these for friends this Christmas and I enjoyed picking out the fabrics to go with the mugs :)  You can check out my "Gift Ideas" bulletin board on my Pinterest site for other ideas.

A sweet slide show with a peek at some of the projects that Linda has FINISHED...yes, the "F" word.
Don't forget tomorrow is the final GIVE AWAY!!! and it is a goodie!
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Friday, December 12, 2014

Day 10 Give Away!!! & The Winner For Day 8

Another music video that will put a smile on your face :)

Finished the latest David Baldacci book and it kept me engaged...
a good spy novel.

This week the Christmas movie season has started at our house with Christmas with the Kranks...and, I still can't stop laughing!  What is your favorite Christmas movie?

Drum Roll....the Day 8 winner is...Luci & Loree!  Send me your mailing address.  Now, for the Day 10 Give Away!!!  This is a great donation to the Woolie Give Away!  A book filled with holiday projects.  If you are interested leave a comment on this blog post...please be a registered follower of the Woolie Blog by clicking on the "join this site" button and best wishes!  
You still have a day to comment on the Day 9 Give Away.

Here is a wonderful slideshow of the December Quilt Group Exhibit at QuiltWorks.  Enjoy!

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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Day 9 Give Away & The Winner of Day 7!

I loved all the Christmas cookie suggestions...I had to have the lap top cleaned from all the drool as I was reading the comments, LOL 

This is such a cute music video.  I hope you enjoy it!

The winner of the Day 7 Give Away is...Moosecraft!  Email me your mailing address so you can start a new project!  The Day 9 Give Away is a wonderful way to carry your knitting or stitching!  It can be made to look modern or primitive depending on the fabric used...and, just think of the embellishing one can do!  A gift for yourself or someone special!  You still have one more day to leave a comment on the Day 8 Give Away!

Tuesday was the last gathering of the year for the Woolies and so the needles were flying!

This sweet little pillow was made by Barb!

Anne thought she was all done with her stitchery but then...Nancy made some suggestions...

And he is sooooo much cuter...don't you think?!

Anne also finished another Christmas you understand the pressure I am under stitching with this group?!

Blogless Sandy was making a stocking for her grandson and finishing up some little stocking started by her mom but never finished before she left for the "quilt room in the sky."  Such a wonderful circle to complete.

Ruth...who is still trying to figure out if she can fit this group into her schedule brought some brights to the table! :)

 Lori decided to change up her January Berties and make it blue instead of it!

Barb has a new project in those little mittens.

And...Mary R. continues to slave away at her miniature Woolie project with a 1,000 blocks...or maybe it just feels like that, lol

The Woolies are getting a bit more organized and so 2015 will bring a couple of group much to look forward too!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Day 8 Give Away!!! And, The Winner From Day 6!

As we maneuver our way through the Holiday Season we must remember our "Best Friends" and make it the least traumatic that we can...I am spending a lot more time in the kitchen with all the potlucks and baking and Enzo has been hanging out in the guest room, lol.

Now for the Give Away news!!!  The winner of the Day 6 Give Away is Sue from Grass Valley :)  Congratulations...send me your mailing address!  You still have 1 more day to comment on the Day 7 Give Away.  As for the Day 8 Give Away...well, it is a brand new pattern donated for the Woolie Give Away.  A fabulous bag pattern by Indigo Junction.  You might make this as a gift for some one...or for yourself!  Leave a comment on this blog if you are interested.  Remember if you are a no reply follower it means you will have to contact me within 3 days or we'll throw it back in the dog dish :).  Please be a registered follower before commenting :).

It is already Christmas in my house!  I have received some wonderful surprises!  These sweet woolie gifts are sooooo wonderful.  You can click on them to enlarge for a closer look...and maybe add them to your "gotta make" list!

Today I hope to prep some wool projects to take with me when I am on the road...I am always content to ride if my fingers have needle and thread to hang onto, lol.  How are you doing on your holiday list?  I still have my Christmas cards to send and some baking to accomplish.  There are many holiday celebrations in my future...and, I love them all.  It helps to keep my mind on the wonderful things about this time of year and not on feeling sad for those I miss so much.  So here is a question for those who wish to comment...what is your #1 favorite cookie to bake during this season???

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Give Away Day 7 & The Material Girl's Chirstmas Party!!

I am aways amazed by these incredible light shows...I think a software engineer must be excited when the holidays roll around.  What I am curious about is if the neighbors are ready to pull their hair out by New Years??? lol

Remember when I finished this Crabapple Hill stitchery and quilt?  I loved this wonderful piece and had it professionally framed in hopes that someone in my family tree will think it is

The pattern is up for grabs and you still have one more day to leave a comment on the Day 6 Give Away!

The Material Girls had a Christmas party and I had to wear my very best holiday hat which HH bought for me a few years you can see the star on top bobs up and down :)

We all bring 4 fat quarters which are put into an container of some sort and then the stealing begins!!!

Some friendships survive the stealing...

...and some can be a little more painful, lol

But overall the event was fun, the potluck delish...and, we left still friends!

 I got this adorable snowman cookie jar!

Filled with 4 chicken fat quarters which I think will make a cute table runner!