Friday, November 21, 2014

Wrapping Up The Week

It is a good thing that I don't have issues with cabin fever and that I like the company of HH and Enzo because the roads and the weather has kept me at home for most of the week.  I did venture out to the East of the Cascade Guild...but, my neighbor drove :). And, I did go to the store but HH drove...what can I say...I am a "Driving Miss Daisy" kind of gal.  Today's blog is a mish mash of information...none of it quilt related.  That is not to say I haven't been stitching...but, I have been working on Christmas presents and so can't reveal them :)  I have been constructing Mug Rugs...soooo much fun!  

I finished Edge of Eternity and it was a perfect read...held my attention, several moments of 'NO WAY." And, the history was verifiable and intriguing.  It is the 3rd book in a Trilogy...which means you must read the first 2 books in order to fully appreciate this amazing book.

Love Thy Neighbor was a 5 Star Woolie movie!!!  Bill Murray was outstanding and this was a break out role for Melissa McCarthy.  The story was beautiful, heart breaking and uplifting...a must see movie! 

I was walking home from a neighbors house and this deer asked me, "Does My Butt Look Big?"  I didn't want to be rude and said "Well, white makes everyone look bigger."

And...yesterday HH and I went to Bi Mart and stopped at the local Subway for breakfast!  It was slippery and on our way there was a car off the road.  Luckily no one was hurt but the car was totally stuck in the snowbank.  The Subway in Sisters is owned by a local stop on by and support the locals!

...yesterday was a perfect evening for the first Spanish Coffees of the season. 

Overall a very nice week!  I am amazed at how fast the month is flying by...and,  you know what that means...come December the Woolie has the 12 Days of Christmas Give Away!!!  I have been saving all year for this fun event.  For those who are new to the blog I save patterns that I have made during the year and give one away each day for 12 days.  My bag is there may be more than one winner on some days!  I also include a Christmas music video each day.  So stay tuned!  

Have a great weekend and see you back here on Monday!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

East of the Cascade Quilt Guild

I spent yesterday tacking down the binding on the Christmas table runner I had made and quilting my "log jammin'" quilt from last summers Quilters Affair class.  The roads around here have been treacherous and it just felt good to stay home and stitch.  Such a tough decision! lol.  HH and Enzo have been getting a little cabin fever so we went out to breakfast to start the day. But the Gallery is only about 5 blocks from us. It is beautiful to view the white Winter wonderland and not near as bad as the Lake Effect snow in New York.

Last night I decided to brave the elements and attend the local guild meeting.  I invited a neighbor to check it out...she just bought her first sewing machine...***insert evil laughter***there is nothing like introducing someone to the world of quilting, LOL  Surprisingly...given the condition of the roads and the freezing rain there was a nice attendance.  The meeting is held at the Stitchin' Post...such a lovely place for a meeting and only about 3 blocks from home.  Ahhhh, the benefits of living in such a small town is that you aren't going to get stuck on an Interstate.

Enjoy the slide show :)  It is another day of stitching...hummm, wonder what I am going to work on???

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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Pushing Forward

Yes, I have taken myself to task and have set up a program to accomplish all that I need and want to by Christmas. Yesterday I designated pillowcase day.  In between all the household things that needed to be done I made 5 for all the little people I love in my life.

I love making pillowcases because it starts with choosing some really fun fabrics!  And, what is not to love about shopping for fabrics that are totally out of your normal list of fabric wants, lol.

I love coordinating the trim and cuff and I use a French seam so there are no raw edges or raveling after laundering.

here is a photo of the pillowcase body.  Aren't they fun!  I love thinking about the kid I am going to make one for and choosing the perfect fabric :)

Not sure what is on the list today.  The weather continues to remain below freezing and thus the snow remains.  Which means it is another day of quilting and this evening Valori Wells Kennedy will be speaking at the Guild meeting and I am hoping she will be sharing her trip to Morocco!

Have a great day and let me know if this is a handmade Christmas or if you will be hitting the malls to complete your list?  Mine is a mix of both.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

36 Days Till Christmas!!!

I know I am sharing my own anxiety....but, it seems to have snuck up on me.  I am not sure if it is because we had an early snow storm and we are covered in snow, which always makes me feel in the holiday mood. Or, maybe there is a conspiracy to replace the Gregorian Calendar with a shorter more abbreviated calendar by big corporation so we will panic shop!!!

Whatever the cause I am in major Christmas mode.  I swear every year that I am NOT going to think about it till after Thanksgiving...but, this year I can't!!!  I am already Christmas shopping and spending lots of time in my sewing room stitching.  Last week my friend Ruth came over for a "Woolie" wool class and brought a project she was going to make by Plays With Wool.  I thought it was so cute I borrowed the pattern and created my own candle mat.  Simple, yet adorable!  I now have my first Christmas decoration done :).

What about you...are you one of those organized individuals who has all their shopping  and stitching done...or, did you break out in a sweat when you saw the title of this post???

Monday, November 17, 2014

Monday Monday...How Sweet It Is!

This statement was posted on Facebook this weekend and it really resonated with me and so I thought I would share it with you...are you there?...or do you have a challenge saying NO...or, need to be liked?  Life is short...make the most of it and use your time well.

Our weekend was a filled with snow!  It was beautiful! The neighborhood dug ourselves out.  We had too...since several neighbors were invited to a Harvest Gathering Potluck and we had to be able to walk since the roads weren't wide enough for car parking and it was only 4 houses away :)

Enzo was enjoying himself and I got to dust off my snow shoes.  The temperature dropped to -5 and yesterday afternoon we hit a high of 25 degrees...practically balmy, lol.  I saw a small herd of deer huddled inside a car port in town...yep, even they thought it was a little too cold!

I did some baking this weekend, and this is where Enzo hangs out when I am in the kitchen.  He is such a chicken!

With the weather so chilly I spent the entire weekend in my sewing room...well, I did come down for meals and I didn't sleep in there.  I dove into a new project and love how it turned out,  I have the wool all prepped for stitching.  This is a Primitive Gathering pattern.  I decided to add the year on the basket, kinda like when the year is added to a stitched sampler.  If I were to do this again I probably would just piece the area where the wool pieces are attached.  It is going to be cumbersome to stitch those wool pieces while manipulating the enter piece.  I started to worry about stretching and fraying of all those half square triangles while stitching the I covered the entire back with Pellon SF 101 and my problem was solved :)

My brain has been going 100 miles an hour thinking about Christmas, about organization...finishing projects, making gifts....I think I am making myself a little did know that there is only...37 days till panic needed company.

Friday, November 14, 2014

The Week Ends With A Bang!

Well just because Father Winter was didn't mean the rest of us were!  We woke up to a dramatic build up of the pile of snow!

We did watch a great movie this week!  Chef...with an all star cast, it was entertaining and had the added bonus of making me want to cook...or at least eat a Cubano!

Yesterday I was running through the snow!

Today, I am stuck...which translate to Quilting!

A snow day was declared locally so it was fun in the neighborhood!

It literally snowed all day long! And, today will be more of the same!  My little pagoda became a mushroom, lol

Enzo would go outside and do his "dooty"
...but, as you tell he is anxious to get back inside!

...and so, what did I do all day?  Cut out a new quilt and laid it all out...since the snow has continued to fall I will be piecing it today!!!  What are you doing on this fine Friday???
See you on Monday...have a safe and warm weekend :)

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Snow Is On It's Way???!

Definitely on the way and here...woke up to the beautiful white stuff.  But, truth be told I am not ready...I still want some more beautiful Fall weather.  You just can't argue with in Mother Nature, lol

I love plowing the is another form of exercise.  Poor HH has Jury Duty and so had to drive to Bend.  While I get to snuggle in and stitch.

I always know the holidays are fast approaching when my Cactus starts to bloom.  Not having a green thumb...this sweet plant continues to boost my inner gardener.  Do you have house plants? Are you successful with them?

The temperature yesterday never reach freezing...burrr...and so I spent the day puttering. First I road my bike to my PT/massage appt. OMG was I cold and I looked like a cross between a Ninja and the Unibomber on a bike.  I did get more than one look of astonishment, lol.  When I got home HH and I cleaned up the porch and patio, stored the outdoor furniture cushions away for the season, made sure all the house vents were shut and the outdoor faucets were covered....Then it was stitching time.

I decided that I really wanted to finish quilting the table runner I am making as a Christmas gift for my sister.  It has been a while since I actually sat down at my sewing machine to quilt and it was so relaxing.

I finished quilting the entire top and made the binding.  I am pleased with how it turned out!

Are you working on Christmas gifts?  What are you making???

Wednesday, November 12, 2014


I woke up this morning to a temperature of 11 degrees and according to the weather app on my phone it is supposed to feel like 7 degrees.  I am amazed by my phone that it can tell the difference between 11 and 7...what a smart pun intended, LOL.

Yesterday was Woolie Day, and it is one of my favorites!  I get to stitch on my piles of wool projects and talk with my buddies :)  Actually...a perfect day!  We had a couple of new Woolies and I hope that they continue to come back and stitch.  Since there were so few photos I decided to not put them in a slide show so you can click on the photo to enlarge.  I truly have amazed myself this year...keeping up with Bertie's...but, there is a glitch in the system.  The December Bertie's is not ready for me to pick up at the shop...I tried yesterday.  And with only half a month to complete it and Thanksgiving in may be a challenge.

November Bertie's!

Mary R. shared her completed Kim Diehl quilt and it was gorgeous!

Mary from Redmond is working on Debbie Busby's new BOM...all about bees.

Carrie is close to finishing construction of her home :)

Jeanne is working on a Sue Spargo BOM.  This was Block One...

...and this was another block 

Nancy prepped this adorable Christmas Mat

...and last but not least...Lori is working on her snowballs.

Hope you have a great Wednesday and it is filled with stitching...or at least a couple of stitches! I may have to wear mittens while stitching today!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Mystery Revealed

I was quilting my table runner project yesterday and got so sleepy that my ribbon quilting was going crazy so I got in my red chair with my minki blankie and took a nap...what a luxury!  I didn't even hear HH and Enzo leave for their hike...but, they heard me snoring away in the sewing room, lol.

Remember this circle of fabric from last week...some guessed table mats, Christmas tree skirts...hehehe

It did create quite a mess between the table runner and the mystery circle...

But here is the what the circles ended up being!!!  Napkins!!!  
Aren't they adorable!  
They take 2 complimentary fabrics, right sides together. 
cut into an 18 inch circle. 
Then cut in half again.
Stitch around with right sides together.
leaving a small opening.
turn inside out.
then top stitch the entire edge.
then fold back and forth until you get the shape of a tree.
spray starch and press.

I made a set of 6 with some scrap Christmas fabrics.  I think they will make a wonderful addition to the Holiday table...or, as gifts!

Today I am heading into Bend to stitch with the Woolies...I have several projects that I need to stitch before December for our home.  Have a wonderful Tuesday and thank you to all the Veteran's out there!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Stitchin' Post PJ Party

The Stitchin' Post PJ Party is an annual event which brings out quilters from all corners of the West Coast...oh yeah...there was even a quilters who drove up from California for the event!  It is simple...if you show up in your PJ's you get an additional 5% shopping sweet time is 0630 to 0800 which is 30% off and since I showed up in jammies I got an additional 5% for a total of 35% off...ANYTHING IN THE STORE!!!! The discount decreases as the day progresses.

The challenge was I had a weekend visitor (my bestie from childhood) who was not a quilter...ah, I didn't tell her she would have to get up at 0600 until her plane landed and I had her trapped in the car...hehehe

The best part of the PJ party is the quilters...seeing friends in their jammies walking around town, having breakfast in restaurants and getting a great discount!

our crew shopped, laughed, talked and had breakfast...perfect day for quilters :)
Mary Ann, Jane, Moi, Nancy, Joann and Colleen the non-quilter...but she does knit :)

just a short slideshow of some of the quilters willing to have their photos taken in their PJ's, lol  Have a great Monday...I am off to put studs on the car that we travel over the mountain in while HH heads off to Jury Duty :)

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