Friday, April 22, 2011

Office Max, The Best Quilt Supply Store In Town?!

The thing about being a quilter is you are always on the learning curve. You never reach the other side and get to say, "There is not a thing left for me to learn, I need to choose a new passion...this one is boring!" I am reminded of an old movie that my sons loved where this cute little robot keeps yelling, "Input, Input." I continue to purchase books, magazines and take classes because there is always something new on the horizon. And, it is not necessarily a difficult new technique. It could be something as simple as what Gayle of Sew Many Quilts shared during our last BOM meeting. She is a fuser like myself. We fuse our wool. But, over time on a big project which you have been twisting and turning to stitch or it might have been laying around long enough to look like it might turn into a UFO, some of the pieces start to lift. This was happening on one end of my table runner. I repressed the pieces but, once they start to lift it is hard to get them to stick again. Hence the new quilt tool...The Stapler! Gayle was at Market a few years back when one of the "big gurus" in the wool world told her after a conversation about losing a leaf off her project, to just staple it! It doesn't hurt the wool, there is nothing poking you from the back and when you have stitched the loose piece down you just take your nail or a little nail file and lift it off the back!

That is what I did as you will see in the next series of photos! The only thing is I hate the stapler I found in the house and am on the hunt for a cute one....


  1. that is one cool idea. i don't do wool work....yet...but i am going to file that idea away for future reference! love the table runner too by the way!

  2. Cherry, Come to the dark side...I mean the woolie side, you won't regret it! I am movitvated to get that the top done by next weekend...hummmm

  3. A stapler....EUREKA!! Genius!! Love this idea! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. I know....I feel like an administrative asst. in my own quilt room! My resume is looking better and better!

  5. Great idea and there is an office supply store next to Pioneer Quilts..maybe you found yourself a cute stapler today! You in town all weekend?