Thursday, June 16, 2011

Tater Patch, Merrill, Oregon

Tater Patch in Merrill, Oregon is well worth taking the road less traveled.  It is anywhere from 8 to 20 miles off Hwy 97 depending on which way you go.  There is road kill along the way as Merrill is out in the middle of farm country.  You know it is worth the stop when you pass through the front door and all you see is quilts!  PS. don't forget I am trying to reach a 100 followers by Sister's Quilt Show so start nagging your friends to jump on board the Woolie!

And look who I ran into!  Linda Ballard!  She is a quilt instructor extraordinaire and is open to sharing her quilt experience with your shop or guild.  She is teaching in Bend this July at BJ's Quilt Basket.  You can contact her via her web site, Lets Quilt

Another member of "The Girls" is Deanna Charlton who is known for her mosaic quilts.  She is also available to teach and can be contacted at

Enjoy the slide show of Tater'll need a nice cup of tea or coffee and a snack for this slide show!  And if you see anything you like they will send it too you! They have a great BOM going on and Kim Diehl is coming this summer!  So check it out,
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  1. Told ya so! Fabulous pictures. Do you know the name of the quilt in picture #11? Hope all is well with your Mom

  2. Anne...I thank you so much for the input because it is going to be a regular stop when I head south! I can't off the top of my head remember the name but I love it! Mom is settled in, home health has been by and it will be a process but she is stubborn! LOL

  3. Oh, Tater Patch is one of my all time favorite shops! I do miss the old house though. I think you forgot to show your "loot". LOL Hope all is well.

  4. Oh Sandy...ya caught me...I did walk away with some loot...maybe when I get back home I will have a photo of the entire trips loot. Wait till you see what I got at Quilts and Things! But that is for tomorrow!

  5. Anna, i think we need to do a road trip there when things settle down with your mom, right Sandy?

  6. ooohhhh wouldn't that be fun!!!

  7. OOOHHHH, I totally agree. Road trip!

  8. Road Kill!...I mean Road Trip!!!