Saturday, October 29, 2011

Quilt Market!!!

I am here to tell you I wish I was a piece of fabric at Quilt Market!!!  These photos are wonderful and Anne of Cottons 'n Wool is in quilters heaven with the Bunny Hill booth right across from the Primitive Gatherings booth!!!  That is like the perfect quilters storm!  I wonder if Anne Sutton of Bunny Hill would hire me to be a baby model in the crib???  I was going to do a little slide show but by posting the photos individually you can click on them to enlarge and get better detail.  The Bunny Hill snowman quilt out of the French General fabrics is absolutely adorable!

This was the BOW I was stressed out about all summer! Now I wish I had ordered the fabrics for the pieced border.  I declined because the photo didn't do in justice but I should have trusted that Lisa is never wrong.  Shoooot!

I am very taken by this Christmas, love, love it!

These wool stocking projects are wonderful! especially the mini ones!

What an amazing looks so fun but I know there is a lot of working going on and both Anne's must be exhausted.  Keep those photos coming!!!

It is Breast Cancer Awareness month and since it is my birthday month I always schedule my mammogram in Oct.  Yesterday was the day and I feel better for doing this one thing to take care of myself.  They gave me a pink rose for getting it done and I hope all of you are doing this one small thing to put yourself first!


  1. Anna, thanks for the great pictures. I also declined the pieced borders for the PG BOW. Just going to start prep for block #7--have idea of the setting I will use. BTW--I get my mammogram in Oct also and they give wonderful pink mints and various other goodies.

  2. Love those quilts, wish they would come out sooner, so I would have time to make them this year. I do love the greens in that christmas quilt.


  3. Oh Marie, my PG BOW is a WIP and is close to becoming a UFO. If life were only simpler! Well I guess by the end of the month they ran out of mints! lol

  4. I know! I emailed Anne to get me a kit of that Christmas quilt because I loved the green in it and the blocks are so sweet...but she said the pattern wouldn't even be out till Dec! I guess it will be a project for next Christmas.

  5. Luv luv luv the Christmas quilt too....I'll be watching for the pattern in December or just maybe I'll add it to my Christmas wish will be SWEET gift!! Pauline

  6. So glad I dropped over and got to see the pictures. And Anna, I am so glad you got your mammogram done. Mine is scheduled on my birthday in a week. My sis just lost her battle with breast cancer on October 17th and her passing has been very hard for me. I still go to the phone to call and check on her, then the rest of the day is spent in tears of sadness as I never fail to think that she should have had mammograms and not just told me she was having them to soothe my griping nature. Enough of that. Go forward and pass the news to all your buddies. Save the boobies, tata's or the girls. Love you and hugs. Jeanne from MO

  7. I know Quilt n Queen...I can't hardly wait for that pattern. my only hope is that it comes in a kit cause I love that green fabric!

  8. Oh Jeanne I so feel your pain. I feel so empty with the loss of my mom. for an 81 yr old she would text me regularly, it is quiet. I found a Christmas greeting she sent my younger son when he was about 13 yrs old and I have been listening to it over and over just to hear her voice. I am so sorry for your loss and am glad that we can push the message out to get a mammogram!!!