Saturday, August 25, 2012

My Son From Another Mother...

...and so the story goes...I have a "son" from another mother/father.  He was our son's best friend in high school and spent most of those years in our home.  I was the type of parent that survived my son's teen years by adopting the "show no fear" type of mothering. As for HH, they thought of him as a second coming of Chuck Norris Texas   Even though John was virtually at our home throughout high school and every time our son came home for college it took a long time for him to look me in the eye...he was afraid of me...grrrrrrrrr.  We cared about him, worried about him and thought about him when he went in the military.  I told him I had made a quilt specially for him and when he returned state side he could pick it up.  Arriving from Japan last week but unable to make it to the wedding he came by the house with son in tow...just like the old days.  I asked him if he was ready for his quilt...yep!  And so finally the quilt is home with it owner...filled with wild animals who are watching him....ROFLOL  that is just so he continues to behave himself and knows...I'm watching...


  1. That is really great that he finally got his quilt...nice job, my friend...

  2. ha ha ha!!! i made my daughter a wolf quilt named "i'll be watching you" and no matter how she folds it, there are eyes watching her every move - they can run, but they cannot hide!

  3. My kids had friends who were like family too, close friends are a blessing.


  4. this post!! And loved the quilt!! Such a sweet second mom!

  5. Second mom's rock! Love the quilt.