Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Karma Cafe

I love this quote I found on Pinterest.  In fact I like it so much I am thinking of designing an embroidery for my kitchen!  What do you think??? 

I realized after "Cakers" a Woolie Follower and Fabric Stalker reminded me that this Saturday is BJ's Quilt Basket Free BOM meeting....which meant I have to get my blocks done...or it is not free! Yikes! There are 2 blocks with each months pack and yesterday afternoon I put together one block.  Which means I still have 3 days to make the second block.  Cramming my homework assignment...somethings never change! LOL

It is such a wonderful feeling to gently slide back into my sewing room.  Out of my own curiosity...what is the longest period of time you have not been in your sewing space???


  1. 2 weeks away from the sewing room is about my limit...Although when traveling this changes that time element. 2 months away is too long!AZ just isn't worth it...

  2. Love the quote!! The blocks are looking good too...
    I take sewing where ever I go...never leave home without it!

  3. 6 months technically, but since I have quilt rooms in both houses, am in one when away from the other. It is the only way I can function living in ID and AZ. The ID quiltroom has expanded to include the guest room closet (fully shelved) and linen closet. 3 months is the longest I've gone without 'real' quilting because of 3 major surgeries this past year. But, like Paulette, I take it wherever... lots of hand projects, dreaming up future UFO,s and 22 PITs. Those are projects in totebags.

  4. Well, I am always in it during the week, but most of the time it is to go in and see what I could do and then get over whelmed and walk out, lol. I am doing good this week, lots of sewing, bad on the quality of my work;)


  5. What a great saying.

    I was without a designated "sewing space" for 8 years.

  6. Ooohhh, I love that yellow star! Nicely done! Let's see...since I love handwork, my sewing space is my recliner most of the time! I do a little stitching most every day. Now, my sewing room...that's another story! I can go months without going in It all depends how much handwork I have prepared and ready to stitch!

  7. The longest that I've gone without being in my sewing space, even if it was only at my diningroom table some years, has been about 2-3 weeks at one time. That was for vacations and a few moves to other states.

  8. Other then to just repair something, no real project or outfit to make, to just sit at my machine for a day and sew till my heart was content - 10 years! Yes I said it. I was starved to get back to it and now have a new room to sew in and lots of projects to keep me busy since I retired. Love sewing and creating!